Service / Maintenance / TÜV Inspections

Professional maintenance is important!

Imitation parts compromise the performance of your compressor.
Maintenance activities which use imitation replacement parts lead to energy waste, increased operating costs, and lower reliability.
For these reasons maintenance should only be done with original spare parts.

The advantages of original replacement parts:
Advantages of using original lubricant:
  • Schmierung von Komponenten
  • Kühlung bei der Kompression
  • Energieeffizienz und Gewährleistung einer langen Lebensdauer
  • Vorbeugung von Ablagerungen an den Komponenten
  • wirksame Kühlung durch Wärmeübertragung
  • Abdichtung (Rotoren)
  • Korrosionsschutz
  • Schutz vor Kavitation
  • optimal auf Dichtungen abgestimmt

Low-quality lubricants can lead to permanent damage to the systems as well as to substantially higher maintenance and repair costs.

Advantages of using an original air filter:
  • Highly efficient filtration
  • High quality of oil lasts longer
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Prolonged compressor service life
  • Lower pressure loss

The quality of the air intake filter is extremely important to the service life of the compressor.

The quality has a direct impact on energy costs since it affects the flow capacity and the compression rate.

Advantages of using an original air/oil precision separator:
  • Modern separator for an extremely low residual oil content
  • Flow resistance / Pressure loss Dp
  • Service life
  • High differential compressive strength
  • Reduced energy consumption in load operation
  • Matching seals, minimal static sparking

Advantages in using an original oil filter:
  • Removal of all abrasive impurities from the oil without removing the special additive.
  • Special paper impregnation as a supplement to the FluidTech lubricants
  • Specially designed for the most arduous operating conditions for the compressor
  • Application- and compressor-specific bypass valve
  • Pressure-resistant casing
  • Excellent resistance to water and aggressive synthetic oils up to 140 °C
  • Special rubber seals provide for absolutely tight connective elements


Advantages of using an original pipe filter:
Advantages of multi-layering original filters:
  • Inner and outer core of stainless steel provides for stability, long service life, high rigidity of the filter element.
  • The core of stainless steel prevents corrosion.
  • Cores of stainless steel protect the element from high differential pressure. The filter element cannot tear
  • Increased efficiency through multi-layered structure
  • Corrosion-resistant end pieces
  • Energy savings through lower pressure loss
  • Filter remains in position
  • High temperature tolerance
  • Optimal oil separation
  • Extremely long-lived


Advantages of service kits

Main advantages
  • Guaranteed high-quality components
  • Comprehensive kit for all maintenance needs
  • Simple inventory management
  • Low internal costs

Avoidable risks:
  • Missing parts for maintenance tasks
  • Commissioning of wrong parts from inventory
  • High hidden internal costs
  • Complex inventory management
  • Higher inventory costs
  • Higher administrative costs