Oil-free Scroll Compressor

Why oil-free compressed air?
The constant innovation in compressor and pressurized air technology as well as in the development of production processes and applications in industry often require the use of pure, oil-free compressed air. In order to have pure compressed air, it is simpler to produce the compressed air in an oil-free compression process than to separate out the oil particles in the air through the use of more or less complicated filtering steps.

The scroll compressor

The compression of air is done continuously through the interaction between a fixed and a rotating compression element (scroll). Suctioned air goes through the opening at atmospheric pressure into the suction chamber on the external side of the fixed scroll. The rotating scroll seals off the suction chamber and pushes the air into the increasingly smaller pressure chamber. Finally, the oil-free compressed air leaves the compressor via the exit in the center of the fixed scroll. Since this compression process repeats itself endlessly, a pulse-free flow of air is produced.

Noise-muted, oil-free Scroll compressor on base frame

Noise-muted, oil-free Scroll compressor on tank

Noise-muted, unlubricated scroll compressor, Tandem construction on tank

Super noise-muted, oil-free scroll compressor

Super noise-muted, oil-free scroll compressor

Electronic control ES ECOLIFE

Product characteristics

  • Requires no special installation efforts
  • Saving of installation costs and assembly area
  • Simple control and maintenance interventions
  • Oil-free air of high quality
  • Quiet operation
  • Environmentally friendly


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